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Crisis is a crucial or decisive point or situation; a turning point. In life it can happen in two ways; either in our life as individuals or as a group. In themselves crisis are neutral that is neither good nor bad. They are therefore to be seen as challenges that needs to be overcomed so as to become a good or bad person.
Thus in life our greatest challenge is not that we go through crisis but how we respond when we face crisis. For some it is a period of despair that is to give up while for some others it is a period to learn to discover something about themselves and life in general.

I write this piece to motivate you not to give up in life. Try and see the crisis in your life as a challenge to make you a better person and not a bitter person. Remember the crisis in your life is a learning experience so avail yourself and learn so as to become what God wants you to be. After all to reach where God wants you to be you will have make decisions in consultation with God.

Therefore don’t see crisis as a moment to run away from God but rather as a time to go close to him and see his face. The next time you face a crisis see it as a challenge bymaking it your bridge to God.

Till we talk again keep the faith alive.

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  1. Joseph H. Quansah

    That really inspiring. hope I can reali apply it in my life and don’t trouble my self too much

  2. Inspiring. Thank you.

  3. Thank you God bless you with more wisdom

  4. daz beautiful n inspiring

  5. Caroline Eba Elliason

    reli inspiring. tnx fr.

  6. Not only is this piece inspiring but I keep this page always open to remind me in times of crisis of the opportunity to grow! Despair sometimes makes you loose sight of the greater purpose of certain situations and reading this always brings me back to positive thinking!

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