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26th sunday(year a)

This sunday is a special sunday because it is the last sunday of September,a reminder that the rosary month is almost here with us.
Again, it’s special because the readings of today invite us not to be first impression christians(people who serve God with fine words without a corresponding good deed).
For though this type of relationship with God appeals to the world it does not suffice because it is swallow.
Remember it is not the saying of lord,lord that will qualify us for heaven but the doing of the father’s will.
I urge today not to seek to serve God with pure words only like the chief priests and the elders of the people but let your service of God be action oriented like the tax collectors and the prostitutes. For in the words of Jesus they are taking the first place in the kingdom because by their corresponding lifestyle they are confirming their repentance not with fine words but with action. Jesus is thus inviting us to move  away from the proverbial ghanaian politician attitude of lip service and become action oriented christians.
Finally, I urge you to share this with your friends as a means of reminding them that it is not how well you begin with God that matters but rather how you end with him . Therefore since God does not desire the death of the sinner but his repentance says Ezekiel(18:25-28) take advantage today and be a christian not only with fine words but with a corresponding action as an expression of your faith.
This has been Fr . Dolphyne’s presentation.

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