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Complacency in the service of God

Dear friend,we are here today to celebrate our faith in God on this 28th sunday in ordinary time(yr A) and as usual mother church present us with three readings: Isaiah 25: 6-10, Phil.4: 12-14, 19 and Matthew 22:1-14.
Beloved  I have titled this short reflection which is based solely on the gospel “complacency in the service of God”. The reason is because today most christians want to serve God on their own terms and conditions and end up taking alot of things for granted.
In the parable, Jesus said the first invited guests ignored the invitation and went about their legitimate business. A warning that it is not only sin that keeps us away from the kingdom but also a preoccupation with the necessities of life. For example, when God calls us to the Eucharist many ignore it saying they need more time to sleep,or go to funerals . Also when God calls us to pray, we ignore it saying we have no time. We also ignore the call to help those in need by failing to look beyond our needs.
On the guest without the wedding garment, the point is simple; if you must go to the dance, you must wear your dancing shoes.A warning to those of us who come to the sacraments without preparation. Well the party is indeed free for all, yet anyone who decides to come has a responsibility to be fit for the king’s company(Colossians 3:14).
Beloved, kindly share this with your friends as a way of reminding them not to serve God on their own terms and conditions.
This has been Fr . Dolphyne’s presentation.

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