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The Catholic Church and Evolution

My attention has been drawn to an article in the UK based independent newspaper claiming that Pope Francis has declared evolution and big bang theory right and God isn’t a magician with a magic wand.
Below is my response to the position of the Catholic as regards evolution.
Well to you who are new to the debate; evolution is a scientific theory that states that species change over time. This change evolutionists argue occur in many different ways but most of them are based on the idea of Natural Selection(with the strong surviving in the process).
In their attempt to explain the origin of things, the evolutionists have argue for instance that humans evolved from monkeys. And this idea has been a major point of friction between scientific and religious communities.
The reason is that it throw a challenge on the existence of God as well as God’s role in the story of creation.
In answer to the question of God’s existence my response is based on St.Thomas Aquinas five ways of proving God, namely;
1. The way of motion: things move and change but they are put in motion by something else. This we call God.
2. The way of causation: all things have an immediate and efficient cause which is uncaused cause. This we call God.
3. The way of contingency: it is not necessary for any particular thing to exist for they are contingent things, then there must be a necessary essence that caused all contingent things to be.  This we call God.
4. The way of perfection: things have degrees of perfection. Degrees imply the existence of a maximum perfection. This we call God.
5. The way of Design: things in this world are ordered to a particular ends. This order inherent in even inanimate things necessitate an intelligence to direct it. This intelligence we call God.
Consequently though the church support the intellectual discourse on evolution and the big bang theory,  without prejudice certain fundamentals cannot be overlooked .
For instance pope pius x11 in” humani generis” says evolution cannot explain e origin of all things.
No problem with evolution as far as “ensouling” was left to God. Thus God initiated and continue the process but every man has a specific soul.
The faith require that we adhere to been created by God. And that God created ex nihilo.(c/f DS 3896). 
In conclusion, we are to differentiate between an opinion in an intellectual discourse as well as the dogmatic position of the Catholic Church on issues.
By fr. Dolphyne.( for more visit facebook and like my page Dolphyne14).

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