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Human life is not perfect

Beloved in Christ, this morning we are witnessing two major changes in our Eucharistic celebration; namely the choice of the readings as well as the liturgical colour of the day. Though we are in ordinary time the Church invite us to make these changes because today is 2ND NOVEMBER, a day set aside to commemorate all the faithful departed.
Therefore for this homily our readings are from ; Isaiah 25:6. 7-9; Romans 5:5-11 and John 6:37-40. And we shall reflect on the theme ” human life is not perfect”. This theme is a reminder that inspite of our imperfections God is willing to go the extra mile for oursake; something that we are to celebrate. Our joy is that God’s love will not abandon the faithful departed even when they do not much up to the ideals of the Christian life.
Hence, the Catholic faith teaches us that there is a place called purgatory where souls who are judge worthy of heaven but cannot enter right away go for purification ( c/f Rev. 21:27, 1John 5:16-17).
Beloved as Catholic Christians our believe in purgatory is inspired by the knowledge that salvation is on- going, thus we are constantly being purified from sin and it effects as we as our believe that the  dead remain in touch with the living. Ironically, some Christians find it hard to understand why we pray for the dead and yet these same Christians pray ” may he or she rest in peace” when someone dies. Therefore I ask, what is the use in praying for someone already in hell. The truth is only souls in purgatory benefit from this prayer.
Beloved,  kindly share this homily with your friends to help them to understand the goodnews about the place between Heaven and Hell called purgatory and that it is the dead who are in purgatory that the prayer ” may he or she rest in peace”  is directed and not those who are In heaven or hell.
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation.
May God bless you.

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