Beloved in Christ,  all too soon liturgical year A is coming to an end. We are  privileged to be celebrating the 33rd sunday in ordinary time today.This sunday is a  reminder that next sunday we shall celebrate the Kingship of our Saviour Jesus Christ; a celebration that ends the liturgical year. But for this sunday our readings from: PROVERBS 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31; 1 THES. 5:1-6  and MATTHEW 25:14-30.
Therefore I have choosen “GOD GIVES ACCORDING TO YOUR ABILITY” as our theme for this sunday,  My motivation is to help you to  understand that what matters is not how many gifts  you have but how faithful and sincere you are in their use. God has a reason for  the gift or talent He gives to you. The truth is our gifts or talents differ but God has reason as to why it is so.
My dear friend, knowing and accepting this, enables us to appreciate  our talents or gift. However most people are not content with their gifts or talents and are thus doing all sorts of things so as to get what they regard as the “INSTANT IMPACT GIFTS”. This attitude is having a negative effect on our relationship with God.  For instance,  some men of God today go to the extent of using juju in their ministry because they  claim that men  of God who perform miracles have the approval of God as well as the respect of God’s people.
Consequently, the man of God who has time for the sick, aged as well as counselling and teaching is regarded as  not powerful. How unfortunate.  Beloved, with hindsight those of us who grew up in the era of the sanitary inspectors now appreciates their value especially at a time when diseases such as cholera is killing us. But surprisingly,  these inspectors at their time were the least respect.
Beloved in Christ, your  gift or talent may be the least valued or treasured however it could be that particular gift  your community or your neighbour will need so as to discover the hand of God at work. Today let us remember that the praises being giving to the good woman in the first reading is because she is hardworking and useful. Also in the second reading Paul invites us not to be lazy but to stay alert and sober.
I therefore invite you to share this homily with your friends so as to encourage them not to bury their gifts or talents no matter how small like the lazy man we heard about in the gospel.  The gifts or talents you have was giving you by God based on your ability.  I urge you not to be envious but rather content with yours and develop it by using it for the greater glory of God.
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation.
God bless you.

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