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Beloved in Christ,  this morning we are celebrating the feast of Christ the King an indication that today is the last sunday in ordinary time.  This feast was established in 1925 by Pope Pius X1 to respond to the totalitarian regimes that emerged in the early twentieth century. These regimes claimed absolute power over their subjects and rejected the role of God in guiding people’s lives. The Church then established this feast to show that absolute power belong to God .  The readings this morning are from  Ezekiel 34:11-12; 12-17, 1Corinthians 15:20-26; 28; Matthew 25:31-36. Therefore I have chosen “BEING SUBJECTS OF THE KING”, as our theme for this sunday.
Beloved,  in our world the word “king” is associated with power and majesty but for Jesus that should not be the case. The values of his Kingdom are service and humility with no place for violence, abuse, envy or greed. Also, you would expect kings to receive important people but Jesus was accused of being friends with tax collectors and sinners. In much the same way, his subjects should also be different.
This celebration remind us of the great responsibility we have in protecting and maintaining our Christian identity. This identity expresses itself in our love for one another and it is this love which according to Jesus will be the basis for judgment. We are thus invited to live differently. Also this feast invites all our leaders to follow the example of Jesus and to see leadership as a great privilege to serve and not to manipulate or abuse others.
Beloved in Christ, this beautiful country of ours will only develop if our leaders will look beyond their stomach and allow truth and selflessnesses to guide them. Leadership is not to make you rich but to offer you the chance to serve your people. However in our case most of our leaders do not want to serve but they want to be rich, hence the increasing rate of corruption in our country. Also it is not Ghana but my political lenses that determines what I say or do, a situation that has made it possible for lies to flourish. We are suffering because our leaders are sacrificing the truth and we also for the sake of our stomach have ignored the truth.
My dear friend,  kindly share this homily with your friends so as to remind them that as subjects of Jesus the king, truth, love and selflessnesses should be our hall mark.
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation.
May God bless you.

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