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Beloved in Christ,  we have gathered here this evening to celebrate an event that changed the face of the world. I have therefore chosen” if God could give us a Son” as our theme for this evening.
Beloved, we are living in a world full of hardship and disappointment; a situation that has forced some people to give up hope. For them all is lost.
However, the readings of this evening assures that with God all is not lost. There is indeed a reason to be hopeful.  And that reason is the birth of the Son of God.
Beloved in Christ,  if God could give us his Son then there is nothing He will not do for us. However,  we must learn to accept the fact that we cannot force God to act. In fact God has a plan and the story of Christmas confirms for us that His plan is indeed for our good.
Unfortunately,  man today does not have time for the seemingly slowness of God. We want everything at the snap of our figures hence man’s love for fast food and fast cars.
  Today, people are chasing after material things without regard for relationships.  We value material things to human relationships.
Beloved in Christ,  why would you cheat or kill your neighbour all in the name of acquiring material things when you will leave this world without them.
Beloved,  let us not rush in life and also let us not give up, for God will certainly intervene. Also keep in mind that Jesus Christ became man to remind us that we need to value relationships and not material things.
Therefore should your child or friend come home to celebrate Christmas with you without a parcel for you be happy that your child or friend has come home alive. After all  you cannot  replace your child or friends with material things.
Kindly share this with your friends to remind then during this Christmas to value human relationships than the parcels they will receive .
May God richly bless you. 
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for the Christmas midnight Mass.

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