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SIRACH 3 :2-6, 12-14
COL 3:12-21
LUKE 2 :22-40
Beloved in Christ, today is a very special sunday because we are celebrating the feast of the Holy Family.  The family of  Joseph,  Mary and Jesus. This feast was instituted by Pope Leo x111 in the year 1893. The purpose is to present the Holy Family as a model for Christian families. Therefore I have chosen” YOUR FAMILY,  YOUR GLORY” as our theme for today.
We call them “Holy Family” but that does not mean that they did not have problems.  But like every family they faced problems and overcame them.
Beloved,  the greatest threat facing the family today is the inability to spend time together. For instance,  a working child would claim he or she is unable to visit the parents in the village because of commitment to work  and other social responsibilities. But interestingly should this same parents die, this called busy child will be at the village with the next available means of transport. This is indeed is a clear example of misplaced priority. Your family no matter what should be your priority. Spending time with the family is a sign of love for each other.
My dear friend, we have two lives; family life and public life ( which include our work and friends). And atimes there is a conflict between these two lives of ours. But unfortunately,  some people reslove this conflict by giving the attention to their work and friends, neglecting their family life, how sad. Jesus on the other hand resolved this conflict by giving priority to his family. Hence Scripture says Jesus went with his parents to Nazareth and stayed with them.
Beloved, today’s celebration invite us to value our family life and to invest in it.
Consequently,  the first reading from the book of Sirach remind children that they have an obligation to their parents; to respect and honour them and to be patient with them in their old age. It is therefore sad to observe that in our world today  some children associate their aged parents with witchcraft and thus  neglect their responsibilities towards them. Also parents have a responsibility not to make to their children angry.
In the second reading,  st. Paul  reminds us to be kind to one another, have the ability to forgive and not force your opinion on anyone in the family.
Finally,  st. Luke says the family should obey religious laws together confirming for the adage “the family that prays together stays together”.
Kindly share this homily with your friends as a means of reminding them of the need of spending time with their family.
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for the the feast of HOLY FAMILY.

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