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JONAH 3:1-5, 10
1COR. 7:29-31
MK 1:14-20
Dear friends in Christ, I hope all of us gathered here together would agree that our life is a process of dying to ourselves,and sadly sometimes rising again to our old self even though we have to admit to the fact that we are basically good people. It is therefore against this background that I have choosen “REPENT, NOW” as our theme for this 3rd Sunday in ordinary time year b.
Beloved, this call to repentance finds justification in our second of today. For st. Paul the time is running out and so his advise is that though we live in the world , we are not to be submerged in the world. But unfortunately some of us are being controlled by the ways of the world. Consequently Jesus begins his public ministry by declaring that this is the time of fulfilment; a time for God to make good his promises to us. This therefore leads Jesus to call on us to repent and believe in the gospel.
Beloved in Christ,Jesus is not only demanding sorrow for the consequence of our sins but rather sorrow for the sin itself. This call then involves a complete change of heart and mind set towards God which is manifested by one’s desire to lead a good life. Thus, the testimony of your desire for repentance is your life. Therefore repentance then is not an act of lip service but a concert wayof life.
Hence the call of the disciples in the gospel of today reminds that repentance involves a renunciation, a leaving behind and a letting go. For the Ninevites, it involves a change of lifestyle while for the prophet Jonah is means a change of mind set.
Beloved, let us resolve from today not to use only our lips to say that we have change rather let our life communicates our change to people, for our God is not a lip service God.
Kindly share this homily with your friends so as to remind them that the days of serving God with only our lips and not our lives are over because Jesus invites us to confirm our repentance by a new way of life.
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for the 3rd Sunday in ordinary time year b.

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