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Dt. 18:15-20
1Cor 7:32-35
Mk 1:21-28

Beloved in Christ, on this fourth sunday in ordinary time, Mother Church invites us to reflect on the role of the true prophet. This is justified in the first reading of today, where Moses on his dead bed foretold that God would give the people of Isreal a prophet like himself.  Therefore I have chosen ” BEING A TRUE PROPHET” as our theme for this sunday.
Beloved, the book of Deuteronomy( today’s first reading), says that the true prophet is not one who tells fortunes for the future, casts spells or consults spirit. Rather the prophet is the mouth piece of Yahweh, he is to be listened to because he brought the Word of God to the people. The prophet is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.
Beloved,  the true prophet sees things as they are, hears God speak and announces God’s Word to the people of God. Hence as the prophet’s task is to speak the truth, the people’s task is to listen to the truth. The prophet’s task is not easy, but neither is the task of hearing the prophetic word.
Beloved in Christ,  the prophet comes and names the truth but unfortunately people don’t like to hear the truth especially when it requires them to change who they are or how they live. But sadly enough today the work of the prophet is limited to foretelling the future and also as a means of duping innocent people. 
Beloved,  Jesus perfectly fit the description of the true prophet and in the gospel the audience affirmed that He teaches with authority.  Jesus is someone who is interested in the spirit underpinning the law and also His teaching is justified by the manner of his life.
My dear friend,  through our baptism we are also made prophets of God. This demands that we speak and act in the name of God. Also what we speak about must be seen in our lives. This indeed is our greatest challenge because we are  living in a world that defines the truth based on where I stand. I therefore urge you to remind your friends of their prophetic mandate, a mandate which empowers them to speak and act in the name of God and not In their own name by sharing this homily with them.
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for the foruth sunday in ordinary time year b.
God bless you.

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