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LEV. 13:1-2, 44-46
1COR. 10:31-11:1
MK 1:40-45

Beloved in Christ,  as we gather on this 6th Sunday in ordinary time ( year b ) to reflect on our need for God,  Mother Church invites us to consider  how we treat the sick and the weak in our community.We are therefore to reflect on the many people whom the world reject because of their  life situation. And also to inspire us to look beyond the conditions of these people and see the human being who has been rejected as a child of God in need of help.  In view of that our theme for this sunday is “JESUS,  WHO WELCOMES ALL”.
This theme is an invitation to the sick or the rejected not to feel abandoned because God is with them, even if man will disown  them because of their situation,  God will never forget them.  And also to remind us who are strong that we are God’s instruments of reaching out to the sick and the weak.  Hence , we are obliged not to discriminates against the sick or the weak. But unfortunately,  we are living in a world that promotes the rejection and the manipulation of the sick and the weak.
Beloved,  our first reading from the book of Leviticus present us with the law regarding the treatment of leprosy in the community.  Among the Hebrew, leprosy as a disease has both social and religious implications.  In fact people with leprosy had to live insolation from the community.  They were instructed to rip their clothes and to announce their presence with loud cries when moving in the community.  And the law of Moses provides a purification rite that permitted the person to return to the community when cured.
Beloved,  it is with this understanding that we will appreciate the situation of the leper who came to Jesus for healing in the gospel reading of today. This leper had a challenge to deal with, namely,  his condition as well as the implication of his condition for his social and religious life. But he overcame this challenge because of Jesus, who unlike the others did not reject him. In fact it is not always the case the sickness kills people rather most sick people die because of how they are treated. For some it is the pain of feeling rejected, abandoned and useless that kills them eventually.
Therefore as Christians our gospel reading of today is reminding us that we are not to look down or reject anybody on account of the person’s life situation.  It is our  obligation  reveal the compassion of God to them just as Jesus did and taught.
Beloved in Christ,  I urge therefore to reflect on how you treat the sick and the weak. Do you offer them consolation or you make them feel rejected by your attitude. 
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for the 6th Sunday in ordinary time ( year b ).
May God richly bless you.

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