GEN. 22:1-2,9a, 10-13,15-18
ROM. 8: 31b-34
MK. 9:2-10

Beloved in Christ, today being the  second sunday of lent, Mother Church invites us to reflect on the transfiguration of the Lord. An event that motivate us to embrace the present lenten discipline with the joy of Easter as our hope.  Thus, for the sake of the Easter joy we gladly embrace the pain and self denial of lent.
Therefore I have chosen” TRANSFIGURATION, OUR HOPE IN SUFFERING” as our theme for this sunday. This theme is in line with our Psalm for today; I kept my faith even when I said I am greatly afflicted. In suffering we are not to give up on faith because God will never abandon us.
This perhaps might have been the reason for Jesus to take with him; Peter, John and James( mk 9:2) as a means of strengthen their  faith in the event of his crucifixion which He predicted in  Mark 8:31. Also for Jesus to  used the occasion to teach them that the Christian life is a coincidence of opposites, namely, death and life, suffering and triumph, struggling to climb a mountain and wanting to stay there. While for Jesus, the event of the transfiguration is an approval for his decision to go to Jerusalem and suffer for humanity by the Father.
Beloved in Christ, the mountain, is regarded as the abode of God and the cloud also invokes memories of the presence of God .
The event of the transfiguration is similar to what happened to Moses on the mountain(c/f Ex 24:15-18, 34:5), cloud descends and the voice of God is heard(Ex 24:16). Like Jesus, the face of Moses became radiant( Ex 34:29-30,35) while the witnesses were awestruck (Ex 34:30) and it also happened after six days( Ex 24:16).
Beloved, the journey to the mountain is an expression of the human desire for God and an assurance that God is aware of our faith as well as the struggle we go through to come to faith.
We cannot celebrate the glory of the Lord until we share in his passion and death.
My dear friend,  on this second sunday of lent, God through the Church is offering us the reason as to why we are to hold on to the FAITH even in suffering because God will never abandon or forget us.
Kindly share this homily with your friends to remind them of the need of living for the Lord irrespective of the consequence because God will one day reward the faithful.
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for the second sunday of lent.
May God richly bless you.

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