Acts 3:13-15, 17-19
1John 2:1-5a
Luke 24:35-48

Beloved in Christ, still buzzing in the joys of Easter we have gathered here this morning to offer our thanksgiving to God for all his goodness to us. I have therefore decided to reflect  with you on the theme ” THE RESURRECTION: A CALL TO CHANGE”. For all our three readings this morning make  allusions to the  need for  change in our live as a fruit of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore as Christians we cannot accept the fact of Jesus’ resurrection and still continue to live in sin.
Beloved, the Resurrection of Jesus, in fact  confirms for us  the reality of God, Heaven and Eternal life. It is thus a call on us not to take our relationship with God for granted. This calls for seriousness in our relationship with God with our end in life as our motivation. The call to change then is predicated by conversion and this conversion leads to joy in the Lord. Therefore,  for Peter in our first reading, the Resurrection of Jesus is a call to a new life because it is the glorification of the Son by the Father for being the suffering servant.
Beloved,  it is with this in mind that Peter invited his audience and for that matter us  to make a return to God , having drifted from Him through our pride and prejudice so as to obtain forgiveness for our sins. Again we are to change because the celebration of Easter is a reminder that our happy and lasting future has been won and is within our reach.
My dear friend, the Resurrection of Jesus was a very  huge topic in the beginning of the Church, among the friends and enemies of Jesus Christ. For while the enemies denied it, the friends of Jesus accepted it as a fact and worked miracles as a proof of it. In our day also the Church is calling on us to attest to the fact or truth of Jesus’ resurrection by living a different life from the rest of the World. Thus, your faith in the resurrection of Jesus becomes an invitation to conversion with the aim of making things right with God and neighbour.
Beloved,  it is with this understanding that the second reading is urging us to avoid sin as Christians but also adds that should we sin, we are to admit our fault and seek pardon. It is therefore our acceptance of this truth that will bring  about the desired change in our life.
Beloved,  let us not allow this call for change and conversion to go unheeded for whatever we do for God as a result of our faith in Him will not be in vain ( cf 1 Cor 15:17).
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for the 3rd Sunday of Easter, year b.  And I invite you to share it with your friends.
May God richly bless you.

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