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Acts 9:26-31
1John 3:18-24
John 15:1-8

Beloved in Christ, today being the first sunday of the month of May are thoughts this morning are with mothers as we say a special prayer for them.  But this notwithstanding I want us to reflect on the theme  “REMAIN IN ME AND BEAR FRUIT”. For  our gospel  reading today  present us with  Jesus’ idea for a desired relationship between Him and His followers.
Beloved, the vine used by Jesus as an example was also used by the prophet to described  Isarel as well as her relationship with God (cf  Jeremiah 2:21,Ps 80:8-16). However, in Isaiah 5:1-7, we are told that God was sad when Israel failed in her duties.  Thus what Israel as God’s servant was called to be, Jesus now is.
My dear friend , when Jesus used the symbol of the grape vine ,he wanted to teach us an important lesson namely, to believe in Him and to love our neighbour. In this regard should you remain in him (Jesus) bearing fruit is obligatory, no one grows grape vine merely for ornamental purpose.
Beloved,  we also being invited to admit our dependency on God, something which some people find it difficult to do, forgetting that without God we can do nothing(John 15:8).
Friend, if Jesus refers to himself as the true vine then it means the untrue also exist. Hence, the untrue vine refers to those who appear good and righteous but are actually not good.
Beloved,  we are thus invited to be authentic Christians that is people whose faith is expressed in their lives .  Consequently, to bear fruits we must bear that which St. Paul describe in Gal. 5:22-23.
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for the 5th sunday of easter year b.
May God richly bless you

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