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Acts 10 :25-26, 34-35, 44-48
1 John 4:7-10
John 15:9-17
Beloved in Christ, as we prepare for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, mother Church is inviting us to reflect on Love. As a results I have chosen” LOVE : A GOING BEYOND” as our theme for this sunday.  This is to help us answer the question what type of love is Mother Church inviting us to reflect on.
Beloved,  this reflection has become necessary because many Christians see the Christian faith as a set of rules to keep than as a love that tranaforms- if we accept it. Therefore,  the keeping of the commandment is the fruit of love and not the cause of it, love then come first.
My dear friend with this understanding love then is something extravagant; for it goes beyond the minimal requirements. Consequently,this love expands as in if you love someone then you ought to love what he or she loves also.
Beloved,  for Jesus the demand for love is something that everyone can do ; we can love God and his Son as we love ourselves. The aforesaid not withstanding love is a word that has been misuse in our world. And in the words of Pope John Paul II” man is constantly tempted to distance himself from the source of love (veritatis splendor).
In addition Jesus also says he calls us friends because he has made known to us everything from the Father. For this reason we are not servants but even his children.
Beloved in Christ, our friends are the ones who look out for us, do favours for us and stick with us. In fact our real friends are the ones who will challenge us and not let go of us. But unfortunately,  in our world the two words by which people are manipulated and abused are love and friendship.
Therefore, love a going beyond, is call on us to do more with regards to our relationship with God and neighbour. Let us not be people who are superficial but people who genuinely have the welfare of others at heart.

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