Homily for the 11th Sunday in ordinary  time,year b.


Ez 17:22-24
2Cor 5:6-10
Mk 4:26-34

Beloved in Christ, our readings this Sunday  proclaim to us the mystery of the  Kingdom of  God. Therefore,  I have chosen  “GRACE AND RESPONSIBILITY “as our theme to drive home the fact that we cannot leave everything  to God and fold our arms. Also this  theme is to encourage our JHS 3 pupils to give off their  best as they begin their final exams tomorrow.

Beloved, Jesus Christ in the gospel passage of the day made use of two parables drawn from the agricultural experience of the people. And  to understand New Testament parables, we have to remember three important context :
1.the context of the  gospel  itself
2.the context of the church before the gospel was written but after the time of Jesus
3.the context of the time when Jesus told them. In fact we must understand  what was going on in the church when the Gospel writer wrote.
Beloved, before St. Mark put these two parables into writing, he had seen the death of the two great apostles,  Peter and Paul. The expected Parousia had not arrived  and people  were discouraged. And it looked as if the church  was doomed.
Hence the two parables  this morning provide an insight into Jesus’ Kingdom  on earth and its  growth. For Jesus the Kingdom  he is founding will grow and increase quietly therefore  no war will be necessary .
Beloved in Christ, the parables also remind us  that the growth of the seed is not dependent on the  farmer. In this regard  we should never be discouraged  by small beginnings. What we need is PATIENCE AND PARTICIPATION . For instance, we sometimes  feel that our little  bit will make no difference. But it does-in voting,in speaking out, and in putting together a  large enterprise .
My dear friend, with faith the humanly impossible  becomes divinely  possible. Each of us has a place in the Kingdom  even with the minutest  of our faith and acts of love. This is true because what seems humanly, failure or impossible  is transformed  by God’s power  and grace into success.
Beloved, Jesus Christ is therefore  reminding  us that to increase the  Kingdom of God, we have to plant the seed, we have to talk to others,to preach the word. If we do this ,we can then leave it to God’s grace which has been given to everyone, to allow it to grow, flourish  and produce fruit  in another.
Beloved,  I invite you to  share this homily  with your friends to remind them that the grace of God does not work in vacuum , but rather on nature hence the need to avail ourselves  for God to use us.
This has been a Fr. Dolphyne presentation  for (www.dolphyne14.WordPress.com) as we celebrate  the  eleventh  Sunday in ordinary time, year b.
May God richly  bless you.

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