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Ez. 2:2-5
2Cor 12:7-10
Mk 6:1-6

Beloved in Christ, this morning mother church is inviting  us to reflect on our calling as prophets and its implications for our Christian life. I have therefore chosen “CALLED AS PROPHETS ” as our theme for this sunday. This theme is to help us appreciate why God has called us and also the need to bear witness to Christ and his teaching through our entire life.
Beloved , prophets are called by God and are sent by God with a specific message for a specific people. They are sent to preach the word of  God and not their own message. This explains why God told Ezekiel not to worry whether they listen to him or not; his duty is to preach, reminding them that God is still around. 
Beloved in Christ, our gospel this morning also tells us that the people of Nazareth thought of Jesus as not worthy of a hearing for two reasons :
1.Is he not the carpenter’s son; a reference to the fact that  Jesus is someone who works  with his hands and an affirmation of the perception that people who work   with their hands are incapable of any level of intellectual  capacity which could command respect.
2. The son of Mary is  a reference to the fact that they were so familiar  with  Jesus. Also it is a phrase of ridicule  since it refers to Jesus in a way as a bastard or an illegitimate  child. For in their culture   children are identified by their father’s lineage and not that of the mother.
Consequently, Jesus was rejected on account of his background  (family) and social standing (occupation ). Most of us Christians today expect to see God in the extraordinary events of life. Therefore when God comes to us in the ordinary  events of everyday life we fail to recognise him.
Beloved, like Jesus, Ezekiel  also tells us how frustrating it is to be called  God’s spokesperson and to realise that people will not listen; either because of their familiarity with us  or their own perceptions  about you. However , we are not to give up  but to proclaim God to the world.
Beloved, this morning  I am grateful to  God for bringing me here safely as your new parish priest and also grateful to you for your warm reception.
My dear friends, my presence is to  remind you that heaven is real, holiness is our calling  as  Christians, prayer is the means through  which we talk to God and God also talks  to us and that love should  be the foundation of everything we do, for we are one big family.
Beloved, to achieve this the gospel reading of today tells us not to look down on anybody  because of his or her background  and occupation. I know this church is a very old church,hence you have had the privilege of working with so many priests and also the fact that two bishops come from this town should not be ignored, however I beg you for one big favour, let us study each other as we work together. Thus we need to be open and sincere in our dealings with one another. Remember  as a church we form one big family and whatever affects  me , affects  you and whatever affects  you also affects me.
Beloved, take a look at your figures,though they are not the same they are all important with a specific mandate . Hence  we need to celebrate the fact of being different and use it for the glory of God.
Let us therefore pray  for the grace to influence each other to do good and also to relate to each other not with prejudice and hearsay .
This has been a Fr. Dolphyne homily  for www.dolphyne14.WordPress.com  as we celebrate the 14th sunday in ordinary time, year b .
Kindly share this homily with your friends and May God richly bless you.

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