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Ams 7:12-15
Eph 1:3-14
Mk 6: 7-13

Beloved in Christ, this morning mother church is inviting us to reflect on the ministry of  Amos and the Apostles  with an eye for the challenges they encountered. I have therefore chosen ” SENT TO PROCLAIM ” as our theme for this sunday. This is to encourage us that no matter the challenges we encounter on account of the Christian faith we cannot run away from it. For proclaiming the word of God is our Christian obligation. We are called  not to decorate  or invent but to proclaim it.
Beloved, this  proclamation is to draw people to Christ through  repentance just as Jesus himself did. However, this preaching or proclamation  will make us unpopular for it will offend some people; we are not called to be popular but to be faithful. Therefore we are to preach on sin and repentance no matter how unpopular  it will make us, for the TRUTH  does not need the language  of  diplomacy to exist.
Beloved in Christ,  this is the background or the environment  in which Amos the prophet worked. Though a time of great prosperity in Israel it was accompanied by a life of falling social and religious  standard which was characterised  by widespread corruption. Amos the prophet  however  did not get on well with the people of Israel because  he condemned them.
Beloved, in our world today most people want to be told they are good and not to be reminded that  they are sinners, hence Amos and his kind will always be rejected. We easily  avoid friends who always want to talk us out of sin and evil and some even go to the extent of labelling these good friends  as hypocrite  and old school. In this regard Israel  rejected Amos not because  he was bad but because of his message.
Beloved ,  Jesus in the gospel also made allusions to the fact that some people will reject the Apostles on account of their message however  He encouraged them not to give up by sending them out in pairs to proclaim the message of salvation. And in the words of St. Gregory the Great, Jesus sent the Apostles out in pairs to affirm that there are two commandments : love of God and love of neighbour, indicating that the person without love for another must absolutely not take the ministry of preaching. Also this is to ensure accountability, encouragement  and support for the disciples. And they are to proclaim  the message  by their  speech  (Mk 6:12) and action (Mk 6:13).
Beloved,  Paul in the second  reading also reminds us that God has chosen us  for blessings otherwise found in  heaven for two reasons : he wants us to be holy ( set apart, to be different from others ) and blameless ( without fault, to be worthy of Him).Thus we have an obligation  to live a holy and blameless life as Christians. Hence to be effective ambassadors of Christ we need to confront  the ills of our society by living a holy and blameless  Christian life.
This has been a Fr. Dolphyne presentation for www.dolphyne14.WordPress.com as we celebrate the 15th sunday in ordinary time, year b.
Kindly share this homily with your friends and May God richly bless you.

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