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Homily for the 27th sunday in ordinary time year b


Gen. 2:18-24
Heb.  2:9-11
Mk.  10:2-16

Beloved in Christ, this morning  Mother  Church invites  us to reflect on the  idea of  permanence of marriage and on the value of life long  commitment. Therefore I have chosen ” MARRIAGE :A GIFT AND A CALL BY GOD ” as our theme for this sunday. This is to help us see God as the originator of marriage and also as the one who establishes  the rules that govern marriage in the Church . Hence, human beings cannot set different rules aside those established by God to govern  the institution of marriage.
Beloved, with this in mind, Mark 10:2 says , some  Pharisees came to Jesus to question Him about the lawfulness  of divorce. But Jesus fully aware of their intentions asked them a question -what did Moses command you? 
To which the Pharisees answered with a quotation   from Deut.24:1; where a man was permitted to divorce his wife should he find “something indecent” in her. However, the interpretation of the word ‘indecent ‘ was a problem for them. For while the school of Rabbi Shammai  see it as referring to adultery;  the school of Rabbi Hillel says it could be the wife spoiling the food,talking to a strange man, and speaking ill of the husband’s  relative in his hearing .
But Jesus on his part emphatically rejected these interpretations and stated that divorce  was not part of the plan of God, that it was never intended by God and that divorce tears apart the bond of love in the family.
Beloved, marriage is far more than merely a licence to live together. And therefore reveals to us the two dimensions of marriage as UNITY (a man shall leave his father and Mother and be joined to his wife,and the two shall be one {Mk. 10:7-8} ) and INDISSOLUBILITY(what God has put together, man must not divide {Mk. 10 : 9} ).
Beloved, this notwithstanding  we cannot pretend to be oblivious to the numerous cases of divorce in our world today. We are therefore challenged as Christians when it comes to the issues of marriage and divorce. But God through the Church offers us encouragement and this should strengthen marriage couples in living out their vows.
Again in this era of so much emphasis on freedom and human rights, the institutions of marriage and family are the most threatened. 
Beloved, the fight against same sex marriage can be won if people will be educated to appreciate the fact that it is not how we feel that defines  us but rather how we are created as male and female and for this reason marriage should and will always be a union between a man and a woman. Thus ,marriage cannot and will not be defined  by how one feels ,for we did not establish  it but God and it is only God  who can define it and not man. However,let us not be quick in condemning people who think they can define marriage by mere feeling. For to reform they need encouragement and support from the society and not a rejection and condemnation; for God though he hates sin,still loves the sinner.
This has been a Fr. Dolphyne presentation for www.dolphyne14.WordPress.com as we celebrate the 27th sunday in ordinary time year b.
Kindly share this homily with your friends and May God richly bless you.

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