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Message to Men and Women!

Lesson from Genesis 2:4-25
1. God put the man in Eden,in his presence. So the first thing that a man needs is not a woman,,But Man has to be in his prensence and a Woman has to meet a man in God’s presence. Eve met Adam in Eden-in God’s presence.
2.God told man to Work/Cultivate.
God gave a man work before he gave him a woman. A man Needs a job/
business/work/livelihood before a woman.
3.God told man to cultivate.
That’s why God never gives a man a finished woman. The complete woman is in
your head,she does not exist. You need to cultivate the woman you have into the
woman u want. Your job as a man is to take the raw material and work it into
what you would like. That’s why some men who don’t know this concept keep
hopping from one woman to another looking for that perfect woman and end up
losing a good woman. Men are the only one who cultivate their women. If you
want the woman to speak good english,take her to school.
If you want your woman to dress well,take her shopping.
If you want her to lose weight,take her jogging or pay for her gym lessons.
If you have been married for 20 years and still don’t like the woman you
have,then its your fault.
4. God told man to guard the garden. That’s the reason man was given a
stronger frame so that he does not Abuse the woman but Protect the woman.
5. Lastly,God gave man,,the Word. Man was given the Word of God to teach the
woman. The problem is the woman today knows the word more than the man
and that can bring  frustrations. You,the man are the one given mandated.
*So God then said its not Good for man to be alone. The man God spoke of is
the one who is:
1. In his presence
2. Who works
3.Who is able to cultivate you
4.Who protects you
5.Who teaches you the word.
                                                                                                                                  Ladies, if  you meet a man who cant do any  of these then,  Yes, with all apologies,  IT IS GOOD FOR

Gud day!

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