DAN 12:1-3
HEB  10:11-14,18
MK 13:24-32

Beloved in Christ, as the liturgical year draws to a close,the Church directs our attention to the end of time.  This  reminds  us of what most students do as they always look forward to  the end of the school term with excitement and joy; for it offers them the opportunity to return home.
Beloved, there is always this particular student in the class whose job is to announce the count down to the great day of going home and when the day finally arrives  they all go home with excitement to enjoy the holidays. A reminder that everything comes to an end. It is therefore with this in mind that the readings of today warn us of the impending end time. I have thus chosen ” HOPE:FOUNDATION OF CHRISTIAN FAITH ” as our theme for this sunday . This is an invitation to reflect on what should be our disposition as we prepare for the end of time.
My dear friend,the end time should not lead us to press the panic button  but should be seen as a call to hope in God.  And this is the message from the first and gospel readings of today.  Historically , the book of Daniel  was composed during the persecution of the Jews by the Greek ruler, Antiochus Epiphanes. While the gospel is part of the answer Jesus gives to the question about the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem and the end of time (Mk 13:3-4). The purpose is not to threaten the people more but to offer them hope by drawing attention to the action of God even beyond the present time.
Beloved,  Daniel gives us a vision of the resurrection and also the reward for how we live this life. In addition,  Jesus also speaks about the apocalyptic events that will take place but quickly states that these catastrophic events are not the end. In fact, they are signs that the end is near.
Beloved in Christ, this notwithstanding our world is full of Preachers who preach about the end time; with some giving exact date and time and to make it more interesting they even indicate a specific place where their followers should gather for the Lord to take them up.
These preachers fail to understand that,   of the day and hour, no one knows except the Father (cf . Mk 13:32). Again they also fail to understand the nature of Apocalyptic Literature (a genre of writing that flourish in the Scriptures during times of natural disaster or impending calamity).
Beloved in Christ, the end of this world will surely come and Jesus only gives us the signs that will indicate the coming of the end. And after Jesus Christ will appear and send his angels to gather the just.
My dear friend, we therefore need to be ready at all times because the exact day and time is hidden.  Also we are to heed the message of conversion and repentance in readiness for the coming of the Lord.
This has been a Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for www.dolphyne14.WordPress.com as we celebrate the 33rd sunday in ordinary time, year b.
Kindly share this homily with your friends and May God richly bless you.

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