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My dear people of God, today is a special Sunday; for it begins for us the celebration of the Sundays in ordinary time of the liturgical year. This year, generally we will listen to the gospel readings from the gospel of Luke, however we read from the gospel of john this morning- as is the case during the 2nd Sunday in ordinary time every year with a call on us to reflect on how to use our gifts and talents for the good of the community and for the glory of God.

It is therefore sad to see Christians using their gifts and talents not for the good of the community and for the glory of God but for their personal gains. These gifts and talents have become a source of manipulation and control.

Hence for Jesus, the miracle this morning is to drive home the fact that the gifts are  for the good of the community. It is therefore clear that Jesus rejected the requests  from Satan during His temptation in the wilderness( Matt 4:1-11) because Satan wanted Jesus to use  the gifts for Himself. On the other hand Jesus consented to the request from the blessed Virgin Mary at the wedding in Cana because by turning water into wine He brought joy to the wedding guests and thus revealed His glory (John 2:11) with an invitation to faith in Him as the son of God.

Beloved in Christ, the call to reflect on using our gifts and talents for the good of the community inaugurates    for us the week of prayer for Christian unity also called Christian Unity Week (Jas. 18-25)with an invitation to reflect more on what unites  us as christians than on what divides us. However, it is important to note that Christian unity is not  putting  everyone into the same mode of worshipping or serving God. In fact Christian unity is not Christian uniformity. Beloved the need to pray for Christian unity is obligatory because a divided Christianity is a scandal to the world that we are called to bring to God. Again a divided Christianity weakens the Christian message and witness. For what moral right have we to tell the world to reconcile their differences when we as Christians cannot reconcile our  own differences.

Beloved in Christ, today also the Church reminds us that the grace of God works on nature and not in a vacuum. This is clearly affirmed by the water into wine miracle by Jesus Christ at Cana. Hence, for God to work that miracle you are looking for, He calls you to make available to Him what you have.
Let us resolve today that in working for Christian unity we will not aim at Christian uniformity but by emphasising more on the things that unite  us as Christians.
This has been a Fr. Dolphyne’s homily as we celebrate the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time for www.padredolphyne.WordPress.com
I invite you to share it with your friends and may God richly bless you.

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