Acts 5:12-16

Rev.1:9-11 a, 12-13,17-19

John 20:19-31

Beloved in Christ, this morning’s liturgy concludes the celebration of the Octave of  Easter. Also on this second sunday of Easter  every year, we have the same gospel reading though the other two readings vary depending on the liturgical year.   Today  is the day  set aside to reflect on the mercy of God. Therefore,  the second sunday of Easter is known as Divine Mercy sunday and it was established by Pope John Paul II on 30th April, 2000 in fulfilment of the messages received by Sr. Faustina Kowalska, a polish Nun from our Lord Jesus Christ. It is against this background that I have chosen ” GOD’S MERCY : AN INVITATION” as our theme for today. This is to help us appreciate our need for the Mercy of God, for in the words of Pope John Paul II the modern world is in need of mercy even though they often do not realise it.
Beloved, in relation to God we have two understanding of Mercy, namely,
a). Not getting something bad that one deserves. For example,  our sins which represents a rejection of God’s love deserves punishment but God does not punish us according to our sins.
b). Getting the good that one does not deserve.
Thus, it is the mercy of God  that gives us the confidence to resolve to make frequent confession. We are therefore invited not to attend confession for the sake of fulfilling a requirement  but to see the sacrament of reconciliation as an opportunity to start afresh. Hence, what draws us to confession is the assurance of God’s mercy irrespective of the sins we have committed.
Beloved in Christ, it will therefore be unfortunate for  someone to visit the sacrament of reconciliation and lie on account of familiarity with the Priests. Today ask yourself what is your motivation whenever you visit the sacrament of reconciliation, is it to receive God’s Mercy or to show youself as not so great a sinner to the Priest. Thus, God’s mercy is an invitation to make confession sincere and truthful without pretending, for God knows and sees everything that we do, even the ones we do in secret.
My dear friend, today also being the second sunday of easter our gospel reading reminds us that we have two ways of coming to faith in the resurrection of Jesus, , namely, either by spiritually experiencing him in our hearts or through the use of our reasoning. The use of the reasoning is derived from the changes in the apostles on Good Friday and on Easter . In fact we can also trust the evidence of Scripture. In this regard believing without seeing is possible.

Beloved , having been reminded and encouraged  to have full faith in the power of the risen Lord; we have a christian obligation to profess  this Faith in God publicly as well.

This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for www.padredolphyne.WordPress.com  as we celebrate  Divine Mercy Sunday or Second Sunday of Easter.

Kindly share this homily with your friends  and May God richly bless you.

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