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2 SAMUEL 12 : 7 – 10, 13
GAL 2 : 16, 19-21
LUKE 7 : 36- 8 : 3

Brethren, today as we gather to worship on the first day of the  week Mother Church invites us to reflect on the forgiving nature of our God and how this should inspire us to repent from our sins. It is an image that tells us how much we are loved by God and also a reminder that being loved by God does not guarantee that we will never fall again, rather it is an assurance that God would always help us get up from falling.
Beloved, for Pope Francis, the problem is not that we are sinners, rather it is about not repenting of sin; not being ashamed of what we have done. In fact, some of us have become too comfortable living with sin that we no longer feel remorseful. Consequently, the first reading is reminding us that the first step to forgiveness is accepting responsibility for one’s sinfulness and being sorry. This is clearly affirmed by 2 Samuel 12 : 13 ; David said to Nathan, I have sinned against the Lord. But unfortunately, today we are busily justifying our sin with the arguments of it is not my fault, to the realms of am not the only one.
Also,  like Simon in the gospel, some of us see ourselves as  better than the others just because we sin differently from them. We are thus reminded in Romans 3 : 23, all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God; while in Proverbs 24 : 16  we are told even the just man falls seven times a day and seven times rises up.
Beloved, today like David we are reminded that it is humility and repentance that will win us forgiveness from God. And this repentance has to do with ultimate honesty with one’s sinfulness. However, failure to  take responsibility for our actions does not guarantee immunity from the consequence of our action. Hence, though we can dodge our responsibility, we cannot dodge  their consequences.
Let us therefore go out with confidence knowing that God’s forgiveness is assured should we admit our sins and show remorse.
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