ZECH 12:10-11; 13:1
GAL 3:26-29
LUKE 9:18-24
Beloved in Christ, Mother Church invites us this morning to reflect  on the consequence of our faith in God and how this should influence how we live. This reminds me of a story about a hunter, who went to the forest in search of a lion tracks. He met a Woodman who decided to take him to the lion himself but strangely the hunter refused the offer insisting he is only after the foot prints of the lion and not the lion.
Beloved, like this hunter many a time we profess to stand for something but when we come face to face with the full implications we draw back. And this is  seen in our Gospel reading of today; Peter rightly confessed Jesus as the Messiah but he was not ready to accept the implications of the description he had giving to Jesus ; c/f Luke 9:22…The Son of man must undergo great suffering… and on the third day be raised.
It is clear that the disciples of Jesus like the hunter are only interested in discovering  the foot prints of the lion and not the lion. Thus ,they  are ready to profess Jesus as the Messiah but are not ready to accept that the profession has an implication of suffering for Jesus and for his followers.
Beloved in Christ, this year being an election year the calls for PEACE; before , during and after the elections have intensified but sadly enough we as a people are not backing this call with what we must do to achieve this peace. Political platforms have  become places of abuse, insults and attacks.
Today, we must realise that the peace we desire and pray for cannot be achieved with mere words but with action. Let political parties stop the game of insults and abuse, let honest men and women not lose their reputation and dignity in their  quest to help move this country forward.
Beloved, for this to be achieved we are all invited to embrace the cross through a life of renunciation (c/f Luke 9:23) with the freedom to embrace and follow Jesus Christ. Let us also not be oblivious to the fact that a yes to God is an invitation to renounce the world and to embrace the cross. Therefore, we cannot say yes to God and at the same time  ignore the calling to embrace the cross; for God is for the cross.
Finally, brethren, let us congratulate all Fathers  and pray genuinely for those who through the discharge of their responsibilities have proven themselves to be real Fathers to the family.
Kindly share this with your friends and may God richly bless you.

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