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Homily for the 14th Sunday in ordinary time, year c

ISAIAH 66 : 10 – 14c
GALATIANS 6 :14-18
LUKE 10:1-12,17-20
Beloved in Christ, this morning Mother Church invites us to reflect  on Jesus’ sending of the seventy- two as messengers of peace and proclaimers of the Kingdom. For Jesus the specific reason for the sending of the seventy two  was the abundant nature of the harvest as well as the few labourers at hand ( cf Luke 10:2). He thus needed all hands on deck in discharging this mandate.
The number seventy two symbolically indicates that the message of Salvation is not only for Jews but for Gentiles as well, the sending out in pairs means the proclamation of the Kingdom is the work of the community and anyone who undertakes this tasks cannot act in isolation from the community of faith. Again it reminds us of the need to mutually support and cooperate with one another for the realization of the glory of God.
It is therefore in view of the task ahead that Jesus warns  his disciples about what to expect should they embark on this journey ( Luke 10:3-4). The use of the wolf and lamb image is to describe for them how they are to carry out this mission, that is they are to appeal to the conscience of humanity and not through the use of brutal force.
Brethren, these messengers are called and sent out as messengers of peace and proclaimers of the Kingdom of God. This peace is that which is needed for the respect and development of human life, the CCC no. 2304  says it  is not the absence of war or the balance of power between adversaries but for St. Augustine, it is the ‘ tranquility of order’, the work of justice ( Isaiah 32:17) and the effect of charity. This peace therefore demands that you allow God to be the king of your thoughts and actions.
And this can be achieved when we cooperate with the Kingdom of God which is in our mindset and no longer far from us in the sky or across the sea. Therefore, the peace that Jesus is proposing will come at a cost to those who embrace it. This cost is prefaced on a life of self denial motivated by a genuine concern for the well being of your neighbour.
Beloved, let us not deceive ourselves as a country by claiming we are peaceful because we are not at war, for though we are not fighting not respecting the demands of justice and charity in dealing with one another means we are sitting on a time bomb as a country and it is  only a matter of time before we explode. My dear friend, to ensure peace the call of justice demands that everyman is given the due which is right and charity demands that he is respected as well.                   www.padredolphyne.WordPress.com.                                     http.//padredolphyne.blogspot.com

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