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23rd Sunday,year c


WISDOM 9:13-18
PHL 9. 12-17
LUKE 14:25-33


Beloved in Christ, this Sunday is a very special Sunday for us Catholics; for in Rome today the Holy Father (Pope Francis) will proclaim the blessed Mother Teresa of Calculta a saint, that is someone who is an example of holiness that we can follow with confidence or as someone through whose life we learn  what God is like.

My dear friends, it should therefore not surprise us that this morning’s gospel invites us to reflect on the demand of discipleship; as a life that means more than the slogans that are flying all over the place like ‘I am born again’, ‘I have seen the light’, etc. Thus, the Christian life is not a matter of lip service or verbal affirmation alone (cf The Sign of the Cross; Our Comfort in Suffering {pg 19-20}). In fact, it is a life of commitment and service based on one’s willingness to suffer with Christ. This is what the poet Geoffrey Chaucer emphasized when he said “He who wants dear thing must give up a dear thing.”

Beloved, discipleship is a venture that demands total dedication, for in the moment of conflict of interests, the disciple ought to follow Jesus no matter the sacrifice. Therefore, following Jesus demands the reordering of one’s value system. It is thus an invitation to let go of one’s ego and interest so as to embrace the demands of discipleship. Nothing should come between you and the desire to live for God, not even the television, or any human  relationships. For commitment to the Kingdom is absolute without  recourse to any other consideration.

My dear friend, it is therefore unfortunate that people today desire and yearn for the reward of discipleship without living the demand of discipleship. We therefore need to pray to God so that aided by His grace we can faithfully embrace the demand of discipleship.

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