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Homily 25th Sunday, year c


Amos 8:4-7
1 Timothy 2:1-8
Luke 16:1-13


Beloved in Christ, the Church invites us to reflect on our relationship with or attitude towards money, material possessions and the poor. This is to help us appreciate that our relationship  with money, material things and the poor has an influence on our relationship with God. Therefore, when Jesus praised the steward, it was not for being dishonest but for preparing for his future(c/f Luke 16:8)

My dear friend, this steward secured his future because he appreciated and accepted his situation. Hence, in Luke 16:3-4,  he said “I don’t have the strength to dig and I am ashamed to beg,” therefore how do I survive being dismissed? The steward allowed his future to determine how he should live in the present.

Beloved, Jesus is thus telling us to show more interest in our future with God and allow this to influence how we relate to money, possessions and the poor. Consequently, when Jesus tells us “no servant can serve two masters” (cf Luke 16:3), He is warning us against replacing the true God with other gods in our lives.

In effect, it is a calling and warning to be serious with God and our future after this life. We are to do way with pretense and hypocrisy when it comes to serving God. We cannot worship with our lips when our hearts are far from Him(cf Isaiah 29:13; Matthew 15:8)

No one can serve two masters; for every master will demand total dedication and commitment from his servants.

Finally, we are to be prudent in our use of wealth and also in how we treat the poor. For it is only those who prove themselves trustworthy in small things that can be trusted with things of great value.

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