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Christmas Day Mass




Isaiah 52:7-10
Hebrews 1:1-6
John 1:1-8


Beloved in Christ, today our hearts are filled with joy for we celebrate the mystery of the incarnation – that God came to dwell among us so that we could dwell with him and in him.

The event of the incarnation reminds me of a story of a wise and good king who loved his people and wanted to know how they lived – especially their hardships. He therefore dressed like and visited the poor but no one recognised him as the king.

Beloved, sometimes we also fail to recognise God who comes to us in our neighbour and life situations. Thus, for God to leave his glory and come to live among us is too good to be true. Fortunately, it is precisely what Christmas is about.

For this reason, John in today’s gospel sets out to establish the natural and the supernatural, the human and divine origin of Jesus Christ.

In the second reading from Hebrews, we are told that our amazement should go beyond the fact that God has spoken to us. We should focus on what he said to us by becoming man, namely salvation and adoption – to those who accept him, He gives them power to become Children of God. He therefore came to save.

The reason for Christmas is Jesus and what Jesus seeks to do in us. This is the why behind the what of the son of God becoming man.

Beloved, the child in the manger us the actula incarnation of the word, who in the beginning was with God; that this child is the eternal word of God, who out of love for us, took on our flesh, our human nature and made his dwelling among us.

He is the gift that not only changes our being but our doing. If God could become a man for our sake, then it should inspire us to treasure one another and value our relationships. Let us resolve to use this season to repair and heal all of our broken relationships

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