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2nd Sunday, ordinary time, year A


Isaiah 49:3,5-6
I Corinthians 1:1-3
John 1:29-34


My dear people of God, today is a special Sunday for  as we gather to celebrate the second Sunday in ordinary time, Mother Church also invites us to celebrate “WORLD DAY FOR MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES.”

It is a date set aside to recall the biblical mandate to reach out to and pray for all migrants to emphasize the unity of the human family and the values of acceptance, hospitality and love of neighbour.

This year, the Holy Father, Pope Francis has chosen “CHILD MIGRANTS; THE VULNERABLE AND THE VOICELESS” as the theme. And using Mark 9:7 and Matthew 18:16, Pope Francis says he feels compelled to draw the attention of the reality of Child migrants and further urge us to take care of the young – whom he describes as defenceless in a threefold way- they are children, they are foreigners and they have no means to protect themselves.

Beloved, Pope Francis also challenges us not to see the problem of migration as unrelated to salvation History by making references to Exodus 22:21 and Deuteronomy 10:18 – where we are admonished not to wrong the stranger but to love him or her.

Beloved, today also John the Baptist refers to Jesus as the lamb of God – namely that the lamb sheds his  blood as a source of life to others. This reminds us that leaders are lamb to the extent that they are ready to accept the sufferings involved in leadership (being criticized unfairly, being disappointed in people). Also the lamb is not violent (Isaiah 53 :7) In addition, the lamb is not oppressive and abusive but peaceful, docile and obedient.

We are thus charged to put innocence in the place of malice, love in the place of force, humility in the place of pride and service in the place of prestige.

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