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Homily for the 3rd Sunday of Easter, Year A

Homily for the 3rd Sunday of Easter, Year A


Acts 2: 14, 22-33

1 Peter 1: 17- 21

Luke 24 : 13-35


Beloved in Christ, this morning as we gather to celebrate the third Sunday of Easter , Mother Church invites us to reflects on the resurrection of Jesus and who we have become ; namely sons and daughters of God. 

For this reason, St. Peter in the first reading says we are sons of God because of God’s infinite mercy, which is manifested in the Father sending his only Son to us as our own brother.

Beloved, we are therefore obliged to behave as true and loyal sons during our time of exile on this earth. For God will judge each of us impartially according to our deeds. We need to respond to the resurrection with a life of holiness. But sadly most Christians today that think holiness is only for the clergy and the religious. Also some Christians think being able to pretend makes one holy; no wonder there is so much hypocrisy among the Christians of today. 
For this reason Lumen Gentium says;  we are made holy by the grace of God. And we must then hold on to this holiness and live it out in our concrete lives( c.f. LG n.40).
Consequently , for Pope Francis, Holiness,  “is not the prerogative of only a few: holiness is a gift that is offered to all, without exception, so that it constitutes the distinctive character of every Christian.”
Dear Friend, the crucifixion and the  resurrection was part of the plan of God. For while they invite us to a life of penance and conversion; they also represent God’s great act of mercy and love which needs to be reciprocated.
In the gospel of today we are told that filled with disappointment and sorrow the two disciples of Jesus decided to abandon the way of Jesus. They were overpowered by disbelief. For they had hope that Jesus was the one to redeem Israel (  Luke 24:21). The cross for them represented defeat and they could not comprehend the empty tomb. In the words of St. Augustine of Hippo, they were so disturbed when they  saw him hanging on the cross, that they forgot his teaching, did not look for his resurrection and failed to keep his promises in mind.
Beloved, they abandoned the way of Jesus for their expectations were not met. Today some people become Christians and they want God to work based on their timetable for  life. We are charged today to look beyond our disappointment and also remain faithful to the Lord for He has the final say.
Beloved, the two disciples learned to tell their story and they found a remedy. And they told their story to the Lord and He helped to them understand their situation. Remember, Jesus did not take away the problem but he help them appreciate that they  can still cry and laugh. We are not to make the situation of our life the condition of our relationship with God. For God has a purpose of everything that happens in our life.
Let us resolve to be  loyal and faithful to God no matter the situation of our life , for God is bigger than the problems of our lives.

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