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Homily for the 5th Sunday of Easter, Year A


Acts 6:1-7

1 Peter 2:4-9

John 14:1-12
Beloved in Christ, this morning Mother Church invites us to reflect on who we are as Christians and the challenges we face in trying to live out this identity. This has become necessary because most Christians are losing their sense of identity
Peter therefore reminds us in the second  reading that through baptism, we have become a holy nation, a chosen race, a royal priesthood; a people set apart to sing the praises of God. Our lives therefore should honor the name of Christ which we bear as Christians. Thus for Peter, we are not to neglect who we are. We are thus obliged to live in a manner worthy of or proper to our christian calling. For just as Israel was called to be holy, so God expects us also to be holy.
Beloved, the effect of this is that we are not to allow the mundane to distract us from our mission and vocation.  We are called to balance our spiritual and material needs. God makes provision for both our spiritual and physical needs. 
As Christians, this places a responsibility on us not to take the social or material needs of our communities for granted. That is why the church always admonishes us to perform spiritual as well as corporal works of mercy.
Beloved, in the gospel, Jesus invites us to trust in God and to trust also in Him. 
Even though physically, Jesus is about to leave His disciples, He tells them that He’s going to prepare a place for them. This is a promise Jesus made to His disciples to keep their hope alive. The hope of being together with Him in the Father’s house and enjoying the Father’s presence in eternity.
My dear friends, today also we celebrate our Mothers for what they mean to us; sacrifice, love, protection, care, etc. For some of us, our lives and our relationship with our mothers  have brought joy to them. However, some of us have also filled our mothers with tears and pain because of our relationship with them.
As we celebrate mothers today, may we learn from the example of Mary, the mother of our Lord and strive to imitate her faith, obedience and love.
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