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6th Sunday of Easter,YR A ( homily)


ACTS 8:5-8, 14-17
1 PETER 3:15-18
JOHN 14:15-21


Beloved in Christ, today we gather to celebrate the 6th Sunday of Easter with a call on us to prepare for the coming feasts of Ascension (Jesus’ return to the Father) and Pentecost (the descent of the Holy Spirit).

Therefore, to help us in our preparation, Jesus makes a very strong statement – “If you love me, you will keep my commandments”(cf John 14:15).But unfortunately, most people tend to see love in terms of feeling. For instance,  a married couple would  want to be separated from their partner  because the feeling of love  is no more. But today, we are told that it is when the feeling is no more that is when  we are obliged to love. For love is a verb and the feeling is a fruit of love. Beloved, love then is not just what we say; it is beyond words. It is not what we feel, it is beyond feelings; it is not what we sing but rather what we do. Therefore, for love to be love, it must have a foundation in God because God is love (cf 1 John 4:8).

Beloved, talk then is cheap and words are without meaning unless expressed in deeds. Love is not simply a nice feeling, for it becomes real in the decisions we make and what we do. It is in actions, actions from our choices. Hence, the deeds are more important than the words.
Dear friend, loving Jesus is not just something emotional; it means changing our lives and overcoming our sinful habits. Sin then is a lack of love and it means we love something or someone else more than Jesus. For if we  love Jesus more than anything else we will keep ourselves free from sin for Him. But sadly there are Christians who explain sin away on grounds that Jesus understands that we are human. The truth is if we love Jesus more than anything, we will put Jesus first and take sin out of our lives.

Finally, no matter our love for God or the lack of it, God still loves us unconditionally. He first loved us, and our obedience to His commandments would portray our love for Him. May our lives of obedience to God be evident that we appreciate the love that He has lavished on us and continues to bestow abundantly on us.

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