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Homily for the 7th Sunday of Easter, Year A


Acts 1:12-14

1 Peter 4:13-16

John 17:1-11a
Beloved in Christ, on this special Sunday, Mother Church invites us  to reflect on what eternal life is. This is important because some Christians tend to think of eternal life as meaning life without end. However, in the gospel of John, eternal life is not about the duration of life but the quality of life.
Beloved, it is a life of perfect happiness and peace with God which cannot be diminished neither in duration nor in satisfaction. This is what John 10:10 says,  is the life that Jesus gives.
Consequently, Jesus tells us in John 17:3 what we are to do in order to inherit this life, namely; to know

 (a)  the only true God,

 (b) Jesus Christ whom you have sent.
Beloved, the verb “know” as used in this context denotes the biblical sense of an intimate experience of someone. It is a personal, intimate relationship with that person and not an intellectual knowledge. This knowing is borne out of a relationship. (Gen. 4:1)
Dear friend, our knowledge of God must move away from the level of the intellect to the level of an experience so as to have the desired impact on our lives. In this way, prayer becomes the raising of our hearts and minds to God and the Christian life as a sharing in the life suffering of Christ for the glorification of the Father in heaven.
Let us therefore resolve to see our prayer as an expression of our faith in God so that as a community, we will devote ourselves in supporting one another and not gossip about each other. In this way, we can count it all joy if we are to share in the suffering of Christ.
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