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Folks, today I weep uncontrollably for my mother, Ama Ghana, for upon all the gifts she  have given to her children , she is rather being abused for being such a loving mother who desires goodness and joy for her children. Only yesterday, Monday, 29th May 2017, I was on Facebook telling the whole world about some of the evidential success coming out of the fight against galamsey and I even cited the colour of the river Ankrobra in Nzemaland. But folks, did I jump the gun by speaking too early or is it the case of the “proverbial curse “of the commentator for today the 30th May, 2017 I woke up to the news that not all the sons and daughters of Ama Ghana are in favour of this fight.  

And sadly some of these children are from Denkyira-Obuasi in the Central Region of Ghana, for on the orders of their assembly man, a true son of Ama Ghana and an Old Saint in the person of Capt. M. A. Mahama who is helping in the fight against galamsey was lynched. And in the case of giving the dog a bad name in order to kill it ,they argue Capt.Mahama might has been an armed robber.

Yet, knowing he was sent to protect his fellow Ghanaians though he had a gun, he never used it and like a  lamb he was led to the slaughter so that his death  could ignite in us a determination to get all of us in involved in this fight against galamsey.

Folks, this is not a fight against the Chinese but rather a fight against some of  our own brothers and sisters who due to selfishness cannot see beyond their stomach. They have said in their heart there is no tomorrow so let us come together and destroy our inheritance.  These our siblings are willing to sell our birthright so as to fill their stomach today.

Folks, Capt. Mahama’s death will only be in vain if the fight against galamsey does not end in victory for the motherland. They will intimidate us because of the selfish interest but together we form a majority and since they cannot kill us we should not relent in this fight against galamsey. For should they kill a thousand, another thousand will arise knowing what we are fighting for is for today and the future of our motherland. 

Finally, folks the justice that the blood of Capt Mahama is crying for, is a cry for a concerted effort from all well meaning sons and daughters of Ama Ghana not to abandoned this fight until this battle against selfishness is won. It is only then will Capt. Mahama rest in peace and true consolation be enjoyed by his beautiful wife and his two lovely kids.

For the blood of the martyr is call to consciousness and a call to consciousness is call not to be idle but to be actively involved. 

Long live Ama Ghana, Long live the genuine children who love her.

By :

Padre Dolphyne. 

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