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Homily for the 16th Sunday in ordinary time year A


WISDOM 12: 13, 16-19
ROMANS 8:26-27
MATTHEW 13:24-43


Beloved in Christ, life is a mixture of good and evil. The challenge is not why evil exists but how we are to deal with the evil we encounter, without losing who we are. Therefore, do not go through life expecting everybody to like you, rather focus on how to deal with people who dislike you without being discouraged; even God has his enemies. A fact which today's parable confirms; a man planted good seed and an enemy planted weeds among them.

Beloved, challenges are not meant to break us but to purify and strengthen us. We are not to run away from them. The Church then is not only a training grounds for saints but also a haven for sinners. We therefore need patience and forbearance in dealing with the existence of evil in our world. (cf Matthew 13:29)

Problems will be solved at their own time; the lenience of God is not to be seen as an affirmation of evil as good, but as an opportunity to repent and be forgiving.

Also, we are not to judge anybody – we have no right to pull out the weeds from the field but instead wait for the harvest when God will do the final separation. Until then let the good and the evil grow together.

Today, Jesus is assuring us that in the face of evil we must not despair for;

1. Judgement belongs to God.
2. God loves all people; both good and bad.
3. God's mercy is a call to repentance ; the death of the sinner gives Him no joy. (Ezekiel 18:22)

Therefore faced with evil, we are obliged to be patient and tolerant with the assurance that the good will be victorious in the end. Although, our efforts may appear worthless, we must not despair in the face of evil. This then is the reason to continue on the path of good for God will vindicate us in the end.

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