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Homily for the 17th Sunday in ordinary time,year A

Homily for the 17th Sunday in ordinary time year A

1 kgs 3:5.7-12
Rms 8:28-30
Mtt 13:44-52


Dearly beloved, Jesus is inviting us today to answer two very important questions that will go a long way to shape how we live in this world with an eye for our future glory, namely;
a) What is our treasure ?
b) How secured is this treasure?
Jesus is therefore reminding us of the priceless value of the kingdom of Heaven and the need for us to sacrifice our everything in order that we might possess it. This is affirmed by our first two parables this morning, where the man 'went in his joy' to sell all that he had; for he had found a treasure worth possessing above all that he had.

Beloved, since merely finding the buried treasure did not entitle the finder to the property, the finder needed to sell all he had so that he could buy the property and thus become the owner of the treasure. The emphasis is not so much on the pain of the renunciation but on the supreme value of the reward ( the kingdom of God). Therefore, no matter the pain, to possess the kingdom of God is worth every sacrifice.
My dear friend, also since the kingdom of God is within the reach of us all whether by chance or through diligent search, what matters is the decisive action we take in order to become a part of it. Therefore, like Solomon we need the wisdom of God to aid us in realizing that what matters is making God a priority in our life.

Hence we need Christ in order to find our true treasure, and only then will all things work together for our good. For in Christ, we will break away from human attitudes, perception and modernist ways and see the world and what happens in it as God does.

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