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Homily 26th Sunday- year A



Ezekiel 18:25-28

Philippians 2:1-11

Matthew 21:28-32


Beloved in Christ, this morning Mother Church reminds us that we all have our individual freedom to say yes or no to God with the assurance that change is also possible for those who desire it. But we should not forget that talk is cheap and that what counts is action; for they speak louder than words. It is deeds not words.

Beloved, words do not mean anything when they are not accompanied by actions. This is a clear reminder that words lose their value when our actions contradict them. For instance, if you say you’re going to help me, help. Although, the promise is encouraging and loving, this will die when you fail to help.

We are warned against professing love and failing when it comes to practical sacrifices and acts of self-denial. You are not to make loving promises with your tongue that do not come true in reality. In the words of St. Ignatius of Loyola, love is more in deeds than in words and this is affirmed by 1 John 3:18 where we are admonished not to love in word but in deed and in truth.

Beloved, the story of the two sons in the gospel reminds us that it is not the words that really matter but the deed. (Matthew 12:14-50). There is no need for words when there are actions. Do not say you love me, show me you love me.

My dear friend, when we fail to do what we say like the second son did, our words lose credibility. Most Christians today have limited their faith to the level of profession without a corresponding change in lifestyle.

Beloved, Ezekiel today also reminds us that being a child of God though is an honour and privilege, it also has it corresponding duties and responsibilities and these must be fulfilled by not by talking but by doing it.

God does not need promises from us, so we should refrain from being hasty in making them like both sons did. What he desires from us is that we listen to His words, weigh them carefully and make efforts in doing that which he asks of us. That should be the resolve of every one who considers himself or herself as a child of God.

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