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Homily for 27th Sunday, year A



Isaiah 5:1-7

Philippians 4:6-9

Matthew 21:33-43


Beloved in Christ, Mother Church invites us to reflect on the care lavished on us by God and the sinful response from His people as well as the approaching judgement. For Isaiah, God is like the farmer who did all He could for His vineyard but instead of producing good grapes, it produced wild and rotten fruits.

This then is a call to meditate on God’s love for His people and the people’s obstinate disobedience. It is essentially a call to repentance from God.

Beloved, we did not earn the right to be where we find ourselves, therefore we should be humble and obedient. A clear reminder that Christianity gives us not only honour and dignity, it also gives us serious duties and responsibilities. Therefore God will judge us accordingly, depending on how faithfully we fulfill our duties and obligation.

My dear friend, fruits meant a lot to people in Biblical times, and for this reason, one of the great promises that God made to Israel after the exodus from Egypt was that the new land would be abundant with fruits. (Deuteronomy 8:8). Also, for Nehemiah, a sign of God’s blessings for his people was that the land was fertile with good things; as vineyards, olive trees, and fruit trees were in abundance (Nehemiah 9:25)

This explains why the failure to produce good fruits will lead to the vineyard being taken away and given to those who will bear the needed fruits.

Let us therefore genuinely reflect on all that God has done and is still doing for us and ask if we are producing the good fruit that God desires from us, and acknowledging our failure let us repent for the day of reckoning is close at hand.

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