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Homily -28th Sunday – year A



Isaiah 25:6-10

Philippians 4:12-14, 19-20

Matthew 22:1-14


Beloved in Christ, today Mother Church invites us to reflects on the universal nature of salvation and the fact that not all who were invited accepted the call.

God wants us all to be saved, however he will not force man to accept the call, for He respects man’s freedom. A clear reminder that obedience to God is a choice of man and not due to coercion from God.

Beloved, for Isaiah, God will provide a banquet for all people, that is a meal to which everyone is invited. This reminds us that the call to a relationship is solely a choice of God, and not because of your race, economic or political background.

In the gospel, Matthew says we come to God’s banquet, not because we have earned a right to be there, or we are able to buy the ticket or we know someone of influence, but simply because God has invited us.

My dear friend, though the invitation is opened to all, we are warned against accepting the invitation and failing to live accordingly. There must be a correlation between your faith (a gift of God) and your life (a result of the choices you make). The garment for which the man was sacked refers to life’s choices as a result of our encounter with the message of salvation. (Matthew 22:11-12)

Beloved, like those who rejected the invitation, we too find it easy to accept Christ in principle but run away when it comes to the particulars of the call. Some of us claim to be busy when it comes to the things of God, but these same people who have reasons for staying away from encountering God in the Eucharist, have ample time for other things.

God desires that all will be saved. He wants all to live a life of abundance. However, your response to His call will determine whether or not you live a life of abundance and get counted among the saved. Let us resolve to accept this invitation and more importantly live accordingly.

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