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Homily for the second Sunday of Advent, year B

2 PETER 3:8-14
Beloved in Christ, mother church invites us to reflect on the mission of John the Baptist. This is to help us appreciate the importance of preparation in our resolve to be ready for the second coming of Christ at the end of time and also to celebrate his first coming at Christmas.
We are thus warned against thinking of the delay a no show. For St. Peter, the reason for the delay is repentance because God does not want anyone to perish. God is therefore not slow but rather patient because He wants all of us to be saved.
Beloved, this call to prepare is evident in the Baptist’s call for repentance also .  Repentance does not mean only regret for past sins but a change of mind and heart to a new direction of life beginning with keeping with the will of God.
Infact, it is a complete turn about to the direction of God. Consequently, John the Baptist invites us to the desert which is a place of simplicity and silence. It is a call to move away from our daily routine so as to encounter God.
In addition, St. Peter in our second reading describes for us how the day of the Lord will be like and says it will come like a thief , that is unknown to us .However, we will be saved if we prepare for the day of the Lord.
Beloved in Christ, as we go on with our preparation, we are called upon to be patient because God’s time is different from ours. This patience is a call to wait as well as a call to sacrifice some immediate comfort for the sake of a greater good.
This morning also we shall light the second advent candle which is called the candle of preparation so as to reaffirm the need to get ourselves ready for the coming of our Saviour.
I therefore invite you to share this homily with your friends so as to help them understand that on this second sunday of advent the Church is calling on us to get ourselves ready because Christ is definitely coming. However, should He delay we are to wait patiently for Him.
May God bless you.
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