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The gift has an intention

Dear beloved, another sunday is here with us and we are thus giving the opportunity to gather together as a family to hear God speaks to us in his word and the break bread. It is with this background that I invite you to pay special attention to the first reading (Isaiah 5:1-7) and the gospel reading (Mtt. 21:33-43) of the  day as I reflect with you on the theme “the gift has an intention”.
We are thus invited to examine our attitude and response to all that God has done for us and to admit that God had a purpose when he decided to be generous with us.For example, what is my attitude and response to God’s offer of a brand new day or good health?. Do I use it to carry out the will of God or my personal will?. Let us not forget that for every gift we receive the intention of the donor should always be respected.
Also this Sunday’s readings invite us to have a positive self image because God has alot of trust and confidence in our ability that is why He makes available to us His gifts. Finally, though our God is very patient with us and gives us chance after chance to make things right, we are not to take things granted because judgement is certain.
I therefore invite you to share this message with your friends as a means of reminding them not to take the gifts of God for granted because for every gift we receive from God there is a divine intention attached to it.
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for the 27th sunday in ordinary time (year A).

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