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Beloved in Christ, this day is a day of joy because the Son of God has become Man. And this joy is the reason for our celebration this morning.
Therefore, I have chosen “A CHILD IS BORN TO US” as our theme for this morning.
Beloved,  the birth of this child brings us life, peace and joy. But unfortunately not all of us are experiencing the joy of the Saviour’s birth. The reason being that most of us have not changed the way we are. We are still living in sin as if there is no God. And thus have made ourselves into gods with no regard for anybody; what matters is us and nothing else does.
Beloved , this Child that has been born is requesting for friendship from you and this friendship demands commitment; it is a daily resolution to live for Jesus Christ and not a yearly church attendance as some of us have made it to be. This friendship invites you to change your way of life. Infact it is a call to be unique and different just as Jesus Christ .
Let us also not forget that though Jesus Christ is born to be in the world, He is not of the world.
Therefore to experience the joy of Christmas, I invite you to be committed to your relationship with Jesus Christ and also to regard others as more important than you are.
Also let us resolve not to look down on any human being because of his or her background , colour, or language. Whenever you are tempted to look down  or to disrespect  any human being , remember where Jesus Christ our Saviour was born(a manger).

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