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ISAIAH 42:1-4;6-7
ACTS 10: 34-38
MARK 1:7-11

Beloved in Christ, today we celebrates the feast of the baptism of the Lord, an event that ends the Christmas season( ordinary time begins on the following monday) and thus inaugurates the public ministry of Jesus. It was Pope Paul 1V that fixed it date as the first sunday after 6th January or if in a particular country the Epiphany is celebrated on the 7th or 8th January, on the following Monday. And it was Pope John Paul 11 who initiated the custom of the Pope baptising babies in the Sistine Chapel on this day.
Therefore, I have chosen”THE BAPTISMAL EFFECTS” as our theme for this sunday. Beloved, this theme has become necessary because so many christians have become oblivious to the effects of their baptism and are living as if nothing has taking place.
My dear friend, for us christians, baptism gives us an identity which is a privilege and a responsibility.  This baptismal identity makes us sons and daughters of God which indeed is a wonderful privilege and the demand is that we behave likewise hence, the responsibility.
Consequently, a baptised christian cannot live anyhow; he or she has to measure up to the standard of being a child of God.  We therefore have a responsibility to love God and our neighbour.
Beloved,  our Saviour has no need of baptism but He allowed it as a means of solidarity with us. Hence baptism for Jesus is an acceptance and inauguration of His public ministry.  This ministry according to Isaiah in the first reading includes justice and freedom for all.
Beloved in Christ,  I therefore invites you to share this homily with your friends as a way of reminding them;
1. Baptism gives us a privilege and a responsibility
2. The baptised christian cannot live anyhow
3. God has no favourite
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for the feast of the baptism of the Lord.
May God richly bless you.

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