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Beloved in Christ, tonight we celebrate the great mystery of our Salvation. The liturgy of this night not only invites us to remember the history of God’s saving works and blessing but also to recall our participation in that mystery.  Therefore, I have chosen” JOY IS IN THE AIR” as our theme for this celebration.  For this night represent that great night when the power of death was conquered and  heaven and earth reconciled. This then is a night of hope and anticipation.
Beloved, the Easter Vigil is the longest celebration in the Roman Liturgy. In fact, it is an all night event and is full of symbolism. We began this celebration in darkness for a very important reason; to help us reflect on what it means to be in darkness both physical and spiritual. Thus, the lighting ritual which is a preparation for the lighting of the Paschal Candle symbolizes the dispelling of our spiritual darkness by Christ,  the Risen Lord.
My dear friend, the readings of this night are  an invitation to rejoice and ponder over the Salvific wonders of God, as they speak to us about God’s benevolence,  love, Salvation and mercy on all He created.
Beloved in Christ,  the baptismal water is a clear expression of the mystery of dying and rising with Christ. Therefore I pray that as we re-affirm our baptismal commitment,  the event of the Resurrection may transform our lives and that with joy  we shall proclaim that Christ is risen indeed, alleluia.
Beloved in Christ,  tonight, joy is our lot, thanksgiving is our portion,  restoration is our dream,  reconciliation is our gift and salvation is our gain.
This has been Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for the celebration of Holy Saturday.
May God richly bless you.

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