ACTS 1:15-17, 20a, 20c- 26
1 JOHN 4:11-16
JOHN 11b -19

Beloved in Christ, last Thursday was the 40th day after the resurrection of Jesus Christ and as a result we celebrated the Ascension of the Lord, a celebration that invite us to be faithful to the Lord; for God will in the end  reward our faithfulness. And on friday we began our preparation for the coming of the Holy Spirit with the Pentecost Novena. Therefore our first reading puts into context the life of the early Church after the Ascension and before Pentecost. Hence, I have chosen ” witnessing to the resurrection” as our theme for this sunday. And the choice for this theme was influenced by the condition on his Matthias was selected- a witness to the resurrection.
Beloved, the call to witness to the resurrection of Jesus is our Christian obligation and our preoccupation should be how effective and credible can we be as witnesses to the resurrection. Let me therefore share a story with you. An STC bus from takoradi to kumasi made a stop at an area with 4 different restaurants. The driver then announced that as per company policy, he cannot recommend any of the 4 restaurants by name as being the best.  But should anyone need him while they are there he will be at the restaurant painted green across the street.
Beloved in Christ,  it is our actions, more than anything else, that tell people what our true beliefs are. In this regard,  the most efficacious kind of witness to our Christian beliefs is our actions according to those beliefs. For eg; if we want others to appreciate prayer, there is no better way than to become more prayerful ourselves. Also, should we admit that the Church is the house of God then our behaviour should confirm that. Thus, we are not to turn it into a gum chewing competition joint, or a showroom for mobile phones in the name of taking pictures as well as, a place of nudity in the name of fashion claiming that what matters is the heart and not what we wear in the Church.
Beloved in Christ, the Resurrection of Jesus represents our victory over the world as well as death and sin. Therefore when Jesus prayed that the Father should consecrate us in the truth, he meant that we should be set apart and not be corrupted by the world. But sadly,  most Christians today have lost the sense of the TRUTH, because of the stomach.
Let us therefore remember that the call to witness to the resurrection will only be effective with our deeds and if necessary with words.
Please, do well to share this homily for the 7th sunday of easter year b,  by fr. Dolphyne with your friends.
May God richly bless you.

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