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Wis 1:13-15,23-24
2Cor 8:7,9,13-15
Mk 5:21-43

Beloved in Christ, the readings  this sunday draw our attention to the themes of death and sickness. And the fact that the existence of death makes  some people   think that human life is pointless;  nothing we do or achieve has lasting value. Therefore, I have chosen ” KEEPING THE FAITH IN TRIAL” as our theme for today.
Beloved, this is to help us acknowledge that though man goes through  challenges in life; life is not pointless. We are thus invited to meet and embrace the challenges of life head on. Hence “keeping the Faith in trial ” is a call not to give up on life because of an existing  difficulty  but to look beyond  it and see with the eyes of hope what God can do should we allow him to intervene in our lives.
My dear friend, it is clear then that this Faith transcends present  suffering  and future death. In this regard, no matter what we may suffer, Jesus invites  us not to fear, but to rejoice  and trust in him; He is willing  and ever ready  to break down barriers for our sake. For with Jesus,what seems incredible becomes true if only we have faith.
Beloved, it is this idea that is expressed in the story about the two women in the gospel. The daughter of  Jarius is a woman of privilege. She is just 12 years old with the promise of womanhood  ahead of her and she had lived in affluence since her dad was a synagogue official. And interestingly  a day after her  12th birthday  she would  have been considered a woman.
The  bleeding  woman on the other hand  has suffered  for 12 years, her future has been ‘spent’. She is nameless and destitute  with no one to speak for her. Also her pathological bleeding rendered her legally  unclean and its duration  had also probably prevented marriage and motherhood.
Beloved, the healing of the two women reminds  us that we are to attend to the needs of the person  next to us . Unfortunately, most of us today conveniently  ignore the needs of the person  next to us with the excuse that we are caring for the person  far away.  Also we are being  encouraged  not to feel threatened by social and cultural  barriers when it comes to our salvation  and in assisting the  person next to us.
Beloved in Christ, today let us remember that  since  we cannot run away from trials, difficulties and challenges in life, we are  being  encouraged  to  hold on to our faith in Jesus as our consolation and joy.
Beloved, this has been a Fr. Dolphyne presentation for www.dolphyne14.WordPress.com  as we celebrate the 13th sunday in ordinary time year b .
Kindly share this homily with your friends and May God richly bless you.

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