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Jer. 33:14-16
1Thes 3:12-4:2
Luke 21:25-28, 34-36

Beloved in Christ, today the Season of Advent begins; a journey of spiritual renewal in preparation for the Jesus’ Second Coming and a remembrance of His first Coming. Today also marks the beginning  of a new Liturgical year.  The Church’s  year thus begins not on January  1st but with Advent, so we are starting Year C today.
The Season of Advent, therefore invites all Christ’s Faithful, to reflect  on the mystery of Jesus’ Coming to us as a human being which we will celebrate at Christmas and also how Christ will come at the end of time.
Advent then is a Season of CONVERSION  AND PRAYER. Therefore, I have chosen ” THE TIME IS NOW” as our theme for this sunday. This is to be seen as an invitation to be watchful and alert, because with Advent we begin a period of waiting.  This notwithstanding, The modern world with all it’s technology has made the modern man impatient with the idea of waiting; for life has become automatic and instant. The modern man therefore, cannot wait. In this regard, Advent is a Season that teaches us the value of waiting.
Beloved in Christ, this waiting is a special kind of waiting for the God who has come,does come and will come. It is a waiting for Jesus the Saviour,the Christ, the only Son of God , the Lord (CCC no. 430-451).
Beloved, as we wait for the Coming of Christ either at Christmas or at the end of time, Luke in the gospel reminds us of another Coming of Christ, which we easily tend to forget,namely his daily Coming in the ordinary events and people in our lives.  This Coming St. Bernard described as hidden,and only the chosen ones see him within themselves, and they receive fulfilment .
For Luke, we need to be vigilant to recognise and welcome the Lord Jesus who comes to us without warning everyday in people,places and events   we least expect.  Therefore, if we are preparing for the Lord’s Coming by looking up to the sky, then Luke today invites us to look into the story of our daily lives and take a  decision to live for the Lord.
Beloved in Christ, the second reading also addresses people who are obsessed with the nearness of the Second Coming of Christ. And thus, reprimands those living in idleness with no regard for providing for the future.
Dearly Beloved, this morning also we lit the first purple candle of the Advent wreath  (a Christian tradition that symbolizes the passage of the four weeks of Advent ),which is called the CANDLE OF HOPE OR THE CANDLE OF PROPHETS. This candle invites us to have hope because God is faithful and will keep the promise made to us.
Let us therefore, celebrate this Season of Advent with a genuine desire to draw closer to God more and more.
This has been a Fr. Dolphyne’s presentation for www.padredolphyne.WordPress.com as we celebrate the first Sunday of Advent, year c.
Kindly share this homily with your friends and May God richly bless you.

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