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Homily for the 32nd Sunday in ordinary, year c


2 Mc 7:1-2, 9-14
2 Thess 2:16-3:5
Luke 20:27-38

My dear friends in Christ, today being the first Sunday of November, I wish to draw your attention to an obligation we have as catholics during this month. The need to remember the dead by praying for the peaceful repose of their souls.
It should therefore not come as a surprise to us that today’s readings invite us to reflect on the resurrection – as a belief that sustains our life in the world. For without the hope of the resurrection, the obligation for praying for the dead would  be useless(2 Mac. 12:42-46). Thus in the words of Otto Van Bismack “without the hope of an afterlife, this life is not even worth the effort of getting dressed in the morning

This reminds us that it is the hope of the resurrection that gives meaning to our lives in this world. The world then is not an end in itself but a means  to an end.

Beloved in Christ, our  belief in the resurrection also  helps us to answer the question; what do I do when my faith is ridiculed? Thus, the challenge to be faithful  is derived from the promise of the hereafter. This is exemplified in the first reading; for when Antiochus IV decided to eliminate the Jewish mindset by introducing pagan Greek thought and ways into Palestine, by the withdrawal of all the privileges that allowed the Jewish people to worship their own God and obey His laws with the insistence that they should behave like everybody, some of the Jews refused, saying they would rather die than transgress the laws of their ancestors.

This conviction was borne out of their belief in the resurrection. But sadly, for us today, though most of us believe in the resurrection, it is only a belief in theory without any practical bearing to our life.

Again, in the gospel, Jesus’ answer to the Sadducees who tried to ridicule belief in the resurrection with reference to Deuteronomy 25:5 (Levitate law) is that we are not to think of heaven in terms of this earth because life there will be quite different.

Consequently, Jesus reminded them that God is the God of the living and that He created us for life. Hence, belief in the resurrection is a call to be different for God and courageous in facing the world, that is no matter how the world treats us or tries to ridicule our faith, we are to remain faithful and rejoice in the promise of the future by Christ.                             www.Facebook.com/padredolphyne.                             www.padredolphyne.WordPress.com.                                       www.padredolphyne.blogsport.com

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